Apartment Buzzer Unlocker

I got tired of walking down to the front door to let my friends into my apartment building and I also didn’t want people calling my phone from the front door. So I took a cue from Jared Tame and decided to use twilio to automatically buzz people in.

One little script later and I’m up and running.

It costs me $1/mo + 1cent per unlock and about an hour of fiddling around with everything. Twilio even started me off with $30 free so I added $30 more to my account once and now I can be up and running for ~4 years (assuming 300 unlocks over 4 years) for a total of $30 + hour of my life.

giggity. This project also made me want to start playing with twilio. Video to come later.

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  1. Awesome hack! We’ve got service, Ringo (http://www.tryringo.com) that’s also using Twilio to take care of people’s buzzer problems. We’ve got an auto-unlock mode similar to yours, but it uses security codes (so not just anyone can get in!), multiple phone forwarding, and SMS notifications as well.

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